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Blind Spot Convex Mirrors

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DuraBall® Convex Blind Spot Mirrors

  • Velvac's DuraBall® mirror and pivot system features a HD nylon inner and outer ball with stainless bolt and locking "L" bracket for easy mounting and operation
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel or powder coasted galvanized steel construction protects mirrors against corrosion
  • Rolled edge on 5" and 8.5" diameter mirrors - outer gasket on 6" diameter mirrors
  • Avaliable in popular, 10", 8.5", 6" and 5" diameters with several lens options. 8.5" is also avaliable with center mount or offest mount
  • Designed for long lasting operation. DuraBall mirrors are guaranteed against shell cracking and breaking for 5 years
  • Mirrors other than Wide View include mountnig "L" bracket or tube bracket, mounting hardware and come in an attractive display box

Three Screw Ball Stud / Specialty Convex Blind Spot Mirrors

  • Three screw ball stud offers secure mounting and easy adjustment
  • Avaliable in high luster stainless steel, chrome plated steel or painted steel finishes
  • 8.5", 7.5",6" and 5" diameters with standard convex and heated options. 8.5" and 7.5" are also available in either a center mount or an offset mount
  • Includes mounting "L" bracket, mounting hardware and comes in an attractive open display box
  • 708558 convex features high luster chrome plated stainless steel shell and heavy duty nylon ball stud, bracket not included
Title k 10

K-10 Convex and Eyeball® Convex Blind Spot Mirrors

  • Provides outstanding views of troublesome and dangerous blind-spots around the vehicle
  • 10", 8.5" and 6" dia. in SS, powder coat steeland ABS plastic with standard convex and Eyeball® convex lens
  • HD inner and outer nylon ball stud with SS mounting hardware ofdurable, smooth and long lasting operation
  • Use as a supplement to the West Coast mirrors, side blind spots or front and rear cross view applications
  • heaby duty outer gasket protects mirrors from edge shock and allows mirror lens to be easily replaced